Past Meeting History

[table class=”table-striped” caption=”Past Meeting History” width=”800″ colwidth=”75|250|350″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Meeting Date,Speaker,Program,Location
“July 11, 1996.”,Sandy Wesch-Schulze,Trinity Parkway Corridor MIS,.
“August 8, 1996″,”Terry Sams & Wallace Ewell, TxDOT”,Texas Motor Speedway — Status of the Traffic Control Plan and Anticipated Problems,Atrium Antique Mall
“September 12, 1996″,”Dean Stuller & Mike Lloyd, ITS”,The I.H. 35 NAFTA Superhighway Coalition,Atrium Antique Mall
“October 10, 1996″,”Pete Davis, TTA”,Status of 190 Construction as a Tollroad,Atrium Antique Mall
“November 14, 1996″,”Koorosh Olyai, DART, Doug Skowronek, TTI”,The Status of Interim HOV Lanes in Dallas,Atrium Antique Mall
“December 13, 1996”,Dallas Stars,Hockey Game – Winter Social,Reunion Arena
“January 30, 1997”,TexITE Meeting,.,Abilene
“February 1, 1997”,No meeting,.,.
“March 13, 1997″,”Rod Kelly, PTG”,TSM Options in Dallas,Atrium Antique Mall
“April 10, 1997″,”Ivan Nicodemus, CMAQ Program Office”,Status of Dallas County CMAQ,Atrium Antique Mall
“May 8, 1997″,”Dan Fambro, International Director District 9”,Ongoing Activities of District 9 and ITE,Richardson Civic Center
“June 12-14, 1997”,TexITE Meeting,Farmers Branch/ Carrollton,.
“July 10, 1997″,”Wayne Kurfees, Kimley-Horn”,Garland CMAQ Program,Carrollton Library
“August 14, 1997″,”Jody Short, Lee Engineering”,GIS Parking,Carrollton Library
“September 11, 1997″,”Jack Werzinski, DART”,DART General Issues,Carrollton Library
“October 9, 1997″,”Marcos Fernandez, City of Plano”,DART Issues Plano Station Land Use,Carrollton Library
“Novermber 13, 1997”,No Meeting,.,.
“December 11, 1997”,ITS Seminar,FHWA ITS Awareness Seminar,NCTCOG
“January 8, 1998”,Jerry Bartos,The Wright Ammendment,Carrollton Library
“January 29-31, 1998”,TexITE Meeting,San Antonio,.
“February 1, 1998”,No Meeting,.,.
“March 12, 1998″,”Jim Williams, UTA”,History of Interstate -,”Howard Johnsons, Arlington”
,,Joint DFW Meeting,
“April 9, 1998″,”Ed Seymore, TTI”,Current Status of NTCIP,Carrollton Library
“May 14, 1998″,”Ousama Shebeeb, City of Dallas”,Traffic Calming,Carrollton Library
“June 1, 1998”,TexITE Meeting,Austin,.
“July 9, 1998″,”Steve Salin, P.E., BRW”,DART Northwest Corridor MIS,Carrollton Library
“August 13, 1998″,”Patrick Tyner, P.E., NCTCOG”,TEA-21,Carrollton Library
“September 10, 1998″,”Paul Luedtke, P.E., Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.”,Dallas North Tollway Bottleneck Study,Richarson Civic Center
“October 13, 1998″,”John Speed, P.E., Texas Board of Prof. Eng.”,Your Rights and Responsibilities as an Engineer(Joint ASCE/SAME/TexITE meeting),”Raddison Hotel, Mockingbird Ln”
“November 12, 1998″,”Jim Williams, Ph.D., P.E., University of Texas Arlington”,Highway Capacity Manual Weaving Analysis,Carrollton Library
“December 10, 1998″,”Dan Fambro, Ph.D., P.E., Texas A&M University, District 9 International Director”,ITE Certification Program,Carrollton Library
“January 28, 1999″,No meeting due to TexITE Winter Meeting,TexITE Meeting,”DoubleTree Hotel, Dallas”
“February 11, 1999″,”George Human, P.E., City of Richardson”,ITE Committee “The Profession”,TxDOT Dallas District
“March 11, 1999″,”Mark Bouma, P.E., North Texas Tollway Authority”,”SH 190 Construction Status Report including business, homeowners impacts/representatives”,Bagelstiens
“April 8, 1999″,”John LaRue, DFW Airport”,Proposed Automated People Mover Improvements and Rail Connections to DFW – Joint DFW Meeting,Arlington (Hospital)
“May 13, 1999″,”Martin Malloy, Halff Associates”,SH 183 MIS (Annual Meeting),Carrollton Library
“June 17-19, 1999”,No meeting due to TexITE Summer Meeting,TexITE Meeting,Corpus Christi – Omni Bayfront Hotel
“July 8, 1999″,”Dharmesh Shah, Lee Engineering”,Traffic Control Devices and the Year 2000,Campbell Road Community Church
,,- A Report from the ITE Technical Committee,
,,Installation of New Officers,
“August 12, 1999″,”Chris Poe, PB Farradyne”,Translink Program at Texas A&M University,Campbell Road Community Church
“September 9, 1999″,”Mike Cunningham,”,A Discussion of the Dangerous Intersection Study,Campbell Road Community Center
,State Farm Insurance,,
“October 14, 1999″,”Bobbie J. Mitchell,”,SH 121 – Toll or Free,Richardson Civic Center
,”Mayor, City of Lewisville”,,
“November 11, 1999″,”Carmen Miranda,”,Addison Circle Development,Campbell Road Community Center
,Town of Addison,,
“December 9, 1999″,”Abed Abukar, TxDOT Fort Worth District”,Go With the Flow / Flow Signals on SH 360,Campbell Road Community Center
“January 13, 2000″,”James McCarley, DRMC”,New Legislation from the Texas Legislature,Campbell Road Community Center
“January 27-29, 2000”,TexITE Winter Meeting,TexITE Meeting,Fort Worth –
,,,Arlington Wyndham Hotel
“February 10, 2000”,No meeting due,,
,to TexITE Winter Meeting,,
“March 9, 2000″,”Cliff Franklin, TTI”,The Opening of Central Expressway,Campbell Road Community Center
“April 13, 2000″,Joint Meeting with Ft. Worth Chapter,Transportation Components of the Dallas,Colleyville Community Center
,”Michael Morris, Vickie Alexander, NCTCOG; Kate Kettles”,2012 Olympic Bid,
“May 11, 2000″,”Wayne Kurfees, ITE International”,Current Issues before ITE International,Campbell Road Community Center
,”Director, District 9″,,
“June 22-24, 2000”,TexITE Summer Meeting,TexITE Meeting,College Station
“July 13, 2000”,Robert Pope,Status of DART initiatives to use long-term bonds,Campbell Road Community Center
,Vice-Chair DART Board,,
“August 10, 2000″,”Jeff Vick, TBE Group, Inc.”,How Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Can Be Used to Reduce Risks From Utility Conflicts During Design and Construction,Campbell Road Community Center
“August 7-9, 2000″,International ITE Meeting,.,”Nashville, TN”
“September 14, 2000″,”Roger Bligh, TTI research engineer in the highway safety division”,The Crash Worthiness of Work Zone Traffic Control Devices,Campbell Road Community Center
“October 12, 2000″,”Ron Whitehead, City Manager and Michael Murphy, Director of Public Works, Town of Addison”,Neotraditional Development and The Addison Circle Development including a walking tour.,Addison Conference Center
“November 9, 2000″,”Kim Farwell, City of Richardson”,Travel Demand Management in Richardson – Current State of the Art,Campbell Road Community Center
“December 14, 2000″,”Brian Moen, Parsons Transportation Group”,Traffic Simulation Applications Using VSIM,Campbell Road Community Center
“January 11, 2001″,”Brian Shewski (Kimley-Horn), Gerry de Damp (de Camp & Associates), and Jeff Green (City of Plano)”,Pitfalls To Avoid While Implementing New Signal Timing,Campbell Road Community Center
“January 25-27, 2001”,TexITE,.,San Antonio
“February 8, 2001”,No Meeting due to TexITE,.,.
“March 8, 2001″,”Robert L. Zollars, Huitt – Zollars”,Proposed Mockingbird Toll Tunnel,Campbell Road Community Center
“April 12, 2001″,”James McCarley, Executive Director of the Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition”,Current Legislative Issues Affecting Transportation in Texas,Colleyville Community Center
“May 10, 2001″,”Kevin R. St. Jacques, P.E., P.T.O.E., Wilbur Smith”,Bicycle Planning,Campbell Road Community Center
“June 14, 2001”,No Meeting due to TexITE,.,.
“June 21-23, 2001”,TexITE,.,Midland
“July 12, 2001”,Wayne Kurfees,District 9 Reorganization,Campbell Road Community Center
“August 9, 2001”,Cissy Sylo,DFW Airport Signage Changes,Campbell Road Community Center
“September 13, 2001”,Kimley-Horn and Associates,New Urbanism,Campbell Road Community Center
“October 11, 2001″,”Matt Craig, Halff Associates”,SH 183/West Fork Major Investment Study,Campbell Road Community Center
“November 8, 2001″,”Robert Saylor, City of Richardson”,Richardson’s Video Trailer,Campbell Road Community Center
“December 13, 2001″,”Chris Poe, PB Farradyne”,511 Will it ring in Texas?,Campbell Road Community Center
“January 24-26, 2002”,TexITE Meeting,.,Irving
“February 14, 2002″,”Kelly Parma, Lee Engineering”,Speed Zone Study Issues,Campbell Road Community Center
“March 14, 2002″,”Walter Anderson, CCP and Mike Shelton from Kimley-Horn and Associates”,Using GIS to Manage Your ITS Infrastructure,Campbell Road Community Center
“April 15, 2002″,”John Kennedy, VHB”,Joint Dallas-Fort Worth ProgramBoston’s Central Artery/Tunnel,Grapevine Convention Center
“May 9, 2002″,”Natalie Bettger, NCTCOG”,Low Level Aerial Photography Analysis conducted by NCTCOG in 1999,Campbell Road Community Center
“June 13, 2002″,”Rod Kelly, PTG”,DART Northeast Corridor LRT Line,Campbell Road Community Center
“June 27-29, 2002”,TexITE,.,League City (Houston)
“July 11, 2002”,No meeting due to TexITE,.,.
“August 8, 2002”,Ronnie Bell,MUTCD Revisions,Campbell Road Community Center
“September 12, 2002”,Brian Van DeWalle,ADA Considerations for Intersections,Campbell Road Community Center
“October 10, 2002″,”Chris Edwards, 3M”,TAMS (Transportation Asset Management System),Campbell Road Community Center
“November 14, 2002″,”John Landrum and Ron Kavatis, MATA”,Field Trip: McKinney Avenue Trolley,
“December 12, 2002″,”Cliff Franklin, TTI”,High 5 Construction Update,Campbell Road Community Center
“January 9, 2003″,”Martha Stowe, Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas”,Adopt an Intersection Program,HNTB
“January 23-25, 2003”,TexITE Meeting,,El Paso
“February 13, 2003″,”Chris Poe, PBFI”,What’s New in Geometric Design,HNTB
“March 13, 2003″,”Tim Nesbitt, Richard Mason, TxDOT”,Project Pegasus: Transforming our Downtown Freeways,HNTB
,”Sandy Wesche-Schulze, Carter-Burgess”,,
“April 10, 2003″,”Matt McGregor, TXDOT”,Managed Lanes and West Section Tunnels,HNTB
“May 8, 2003″,”P.M. Summer, City of Dallas”,Ped./Bike Access: Living Streets and Sustainable Developments,HNTB
“June 12-14, 2003”,,TexITE District 9 Meeting,Richardson
“July 17, 2003″,”Michael Morris, Chris Klaus, Ken Cervenka and Jaime Walker with NCTCOG”,”Regional Planning Process: Constraints, Strategies, and Opportunities”,NCTCOG
“August 21, 2003″,”Paul Iwuchukwu, City of Arlington”,Arlington Signal System Replacement with Gigabit Ethernet Communications Infrastructure,City of Arlington
“September 11, 2003″,”Jim Carvell, TTI – ITE District 9 International Director”,ITE: Your Organization,HNTB
“October 9, 2003″,”Kimberly Farwell, Transportation Analyst, City of Richardson”,Richardson Crash Data Summary: Using ST-3 Data as a Planning Tool,HNTB
“November 11, 2003”,Representative Fred Hill,Transportation Legislation (presented at the 6th Annual Joint Meeting with the Greater Fort Worth Section),Grapevine Convention Center
“December 11, 2003”,Erik Slotboom (author of,“Battle of the Texas Freeways: Houston vs Dallas”,HNTB
“January 8, 2004″,”Wayne Kurfees, Kimley-Horn”,“NCTCOG’s Thoroughfare Assessment Program (TAP)”,HNTB
“February 12, 2004″,”Mike Wobkin, Parsons”,“VISSIM Simulation of the Pegasus Project”,HNTB
“March 11, 2004″,”Paul Luedtke, Director of Trans. Operations – City of Garland.”,“Saving Lives Through Automated Enforcement of Red Light Running”,Campbell Road Community Center
“April 15, 2004”,NCTCOG & Consultant Team Representatives,Regional Rail Corridor Study,NCTCOG
“May 13, 2004″,”Terry Sams, Director of Transportation Operations – TxDOT Dallas”,“Current Status of Incident Management on Dallas Area Freeways”,TxDOT Dallas
“June 1, 2004”,No Section Meeting,TexITE 50th Anniversary Meeting in Austin,AUSTIN
“July 8, 2004″,”Kevin St. Jacques, Wilbur Smith Associates”,“Proposed Recommended Practice for Pedestrian Crossings at Uncontrolled Locations”,HNTB
“August 19, 2004″,”John Lettelleir, Director of Planning for the City of Frisco”,Building a Sustainable Community Focusing on Transportation,HNTB
“September 16, 2004”,Boro Dedeitch,Low Cost Intersection Safety Improvements,HNTB
“October 14, 2004″,”Beth Ramirez, City of Dallas”,Dallas’ Arterial Dynamic Message Signs,HNTB
“November 11, 2004”,Alan Lathrom – Brown and Hofmeister,Traffic Impact Fees in Texas Communities,HNTB
“November 13, 2004”,SERVICE PROJECT,Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup,Irving Blvd.
“December 9, 2004″,”Kent Kacir – Siemens ITS, Ronnie Bell – City of Plano”,Use of the Flashing Yellow Arrow Display for Protected/Permissive Left-Turn Operation,HNTB
“January 13, 2005”,Mark Bouma – NTTA,Improving and Expanding the Regional Tollway System,HNTB
“February 3-5, 2005”,No Section Meeting,TexITE Winter Meeting – Waco,Waco
“March 10, 2005″,”Jerry Holder, HNTB”,Time has Value: The A+B bidding Process for Construction Projects,HNTB
“April 14, 2005″,”Mr. Dan Peden, TxDOT High Five Project Manager”,High Five Presentation & Field Trip / Site Tour,TxDOT Field Office
“May 12, 2005″,”Mr Jim Carvelle, ITE District 9 International Director”,ITE Update – What’s Going on at ITE,HNTB
“June 1, 2005″,No Section Meeting,”TexITE Summer Meeting – Laredo, Texas”,Laredo
“July 14, 2005″,”Mr. Berhuz Paschai, Jacobs”,Comprehensive Transportation Plan for the Dallas Central Business District,HNTB
“August 18, 2005”,Mr. Jeff Williams – Graham Associates,The Transportation in the Entertainment District of Arlington,
“September 8, 2005”,Mr. Tony Hartzel – Dallas Morning News,How The Media Covers Transportation.,HNTB
“October 13, 2005″,”Mr Brian Moen, Mrs. Kim Dalton – City of Frisco”,Grand Opening of IKEA and Pizza Hut Park from a Traffic Perspective,HNTB
“November 10, 2005”,,Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDAs),HNTB
“December 16, 2005”,Mr. Chris Poe – TTI,Managing High Technology Projects in Transportation,HNTB
“January 12, 2006”,Mr. Andrew Holick – TTI,Development and Use of the Clearview Font for Guide Signs,HNTB
“February 9, 2006″,Kelly Parma & John Denholm – Lee Engineering,”Conversion of a Congested All-Way Stop Controlled Intersection to a Roundabout in Southlake, Texas”,HNTB
“March 1, 2006”,No Section Meeting,TexITE Winter Meeting – San Antonio In conjunction with the ITE International Technical Conference,San Antonio
“April 13, 2006”,Mr. Rod Kelly – Parsons,It’s Irving’s turn for Rail – Development of Light Rail service through the City of Irving,HNTB
“May 12, 2006”,Mr. Kent Kacir – Seimens ITS,To Flash or Not to Flash – That is the Question.(Discussion of late night flashing operations),HNTB
“June 1, 2006”,No Section Meeting,TexITE Summer Meeting – College Station,College Station
“July 14, 2006”,Jerry Dittman – City of Mesquite,Reducing Residential Speed Zones to 25 MPH,HNTB
“August 11, 2006”,Joel Fitts – Parsons,Simulating Alternative Concepts for Preston Road & Legacy Drive,HNTB
“August 31, 2006”,Michael Morris – NCTCOG,Funding Strategies in the DFW Region / How are My Projects Going to be Funded (Joint Meeting with TexITE Fort Worth Section),NCTCOG
“September 9, 2006”,SERVICE PROJECT,Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup,Garland – SH 66
“October 13, 2006”,Kelley Stone – Collin County Director of Homeland Security,Discussion of Regional Evacuation Strategies as Proposed by TxDOT,HNTB
“November 10, 2006”,Debra Lang – Dallas Police Department,DWI from the Dallas Police Department’s Perspective,HNTB
“December 8, 2006”,Mr. Russ Wiles – City of Fort Worth,Quiet Zone Projects in Fort Worth,HNTB
“January 12, 2007”,Mr. Mike Sims – NCTCOG,Truck Lane Pilot Study,NCTCOG
February,No Section Meeting,TexITE Winter Meeting – Houston,HOUSTON
“March 9, 2007”,Mr. Abed Abukar – DART,The US 75 Integrated Corridor Management Project – Dallas through Plano,HNTB
“March 10, 2007”,SERVICE PROJECT,Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup,
“April 13, 2007”,Mr. Rick Berry – City of Mesquite,“You’ve Just Won the PE Board’s CEP Audit Lottery! Now What?”,HNTB
“May 11, 2007”,Mr. Wayne Kurfees – Kimley-Horn,Using Uneven Double Cycles to Improve the Effectiveness of Arterial Traffic Signal Operations,HNTB
“June 1, 2007”,No Section Meeting,TexITE Summer Meeting – Amarillo,AMARILLO
“July 13, 2007”,Mr. Gary Graham – BWR,A review of software packages for analysis of signalized intersections.,HNTB
“August 23, 2007″,”Panel Discussion led by Robert Saylor, City of Richardson”,Traffic Signal Clearance times in light of SB 1119,
,,(Joint meeting with TexITE Ft. Worth),
“September 14, 2007″,”Mr. Madhusudhan Venugopal, NCTCOG”,DFW Air Quality Attainment Update,HNTB
“October 6, 2007”,SERVICE PROJECT,Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup,
“October 12, 2007”,Mr. Kent Kacir,Adaptive Signal Control in a Medium Sized City,HNTB
“October 13, 2007”,SOCIAL EVENT,Frisco Safety Town Tour,City of Frisco
“November 9, 2007″,”Mr. Jorge Figueredo, NTTA”,”NTTA, The Impact of the 80th Legislative Session and Corridor updates”,HNTB
December 14. 2007,Dr. Gene Hawkins (TAMU) and Dr. Jim Williams (UTA),Transportation Curricula at Texas A&M and UTA,HNTB
“January 11, 2008”,Mr. Dave Carter,Traffic Calming Programs: A Bumpy Road to Success,HNTB
“March 14, 2008″,Mr. Robert Wunderlich – City of Garland,”Teens in the Driver Seat: Implementing a Community-Based Teen Driving Safety Program in Garland, Texas.”,HNTB
“April 11, 2008”,Mr. Steve Taylor – Jacobs Carter & Burgess,Mythbusters – Integrating Planning and Operations for Increased Value,HNTB
“May 9, 2008”,Mr. Ron Moore – City of McKinney Fire Departments,Safe parking: Working in or near moving traffic.,City of Richardson
“June 3, 2008”,Professional Development – ITE Webinar,Trip Generation: Fundamentals and Applications,Halff Associates
“June 1, 2008”,No Section meeting,TexITE Summer Meeting – San Antonio,San Antonio
“July 11, 2008″,”Mr. Andy Oberlander, TxDOT”,TxDOT DalTrans Facility Presentation and Tour,DalTrans – TxDOT
“August 21, 2008″,”Mr. Jim Crites, DFW Airport”,The Future of Transportation at DFW Airport,Ruthe Jackson Center – Grand Prairie
,,(Joint meeting with TexITE Ft. Worth Section),
“September 12, 2008″,”Dr. Abdelghany, Southern Methodist University”,The Traffic Modeling Program at SMU,HNTB
“October 10, 2008”,Mr. Kevin St. Jacques – Wilbur Smith Associates,Parking Generation: Fundamentals and Applications,HNTB
“October 29, 2008”,Professional Development – ITE Webinar,Applying Access Management to Existing Roadways,City of Garland
“November 13, 2008″,”Dr. Geoffret C. Orsak – Dean, SMU Engineering School”,A Heroic Vision for Engineering: The Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering,SMU Campus
“December 16, 2008″,”Mr. Mahesh Luimil, – DART”,Dallas Area Managed HOV Lanes,HNTB
“January 23, 2009”,Christie Jestis – NCTCOG,Transportation Funding Opportunities,HNTB
“February 1, 2009”,No Section Meeting,TexITE Winter Meeting,-
“March 13, 2009”,Amanda Brimmer – NCTCOG,Locally Enforced Idling Restrictions,HNTB
“April 10, 2009”,Walter Ragsdale – Ragsdale Consulting,Legislative Update,HNTB
“May 8, 2009″,Chris Poe & Roberto Macias – TTI,”I-30 Managed Lanes: Value Pricing, Highway Construction, and the Future.”,HNTB
“June 12, 2009”,Brian Moen – City of Frisco,Implementing Frisco’s Advanced Traffic Management System,HNTB
“July 1, 2009”,–,—,—
“August 1, 2009”,–,—,—
“September 17, 2009”,Taylor Sharpe & John Radovich – Texas Rail Advocates,South Central High Speed Rail Corridor and Stimulus Spending Opportunities for Rail,Joint Meeting
,,,Ruther Jackson Center
“October 9, 2009″,”Dave Carter, Robert Wunderlich, and Wayne Kurfees”,Transportation Engineering: Good Cop/Bad Cop or Cowboys & Indians What role do you play?,HNTB
“November 20, 2009”,Rod Kelly – Parsons,DART Orange Line,HNTB
“December 11, 2009”,Kent Kacir (KHA) and Paul Iwuchukwu (City of Arlington),Traffic Management for the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium,HNTB
“January 15, 2010”,State Representative Robert Miklos,Regional Transportation: Options and Issues,HNTB
“February 1, 2010”,No Section Meeting,TexITE Winter District Meeting,Frisco
“March 12, 2010”,Boro Dedeitch (Parsons),DART Green Line,HNTB
“April 9, 2010″,”Jeremy Wyndham (Jacobs), Spenta Irani (Jacobs) and Ceason Clements (TxDOT)”,US 75 SPUI Interchanges: From Concept to Construction,HNTB
“May 14, 2010”,Lloyd Neal (Plano),Innovative intersection designs in Plano (Michigan Left Turns),HNTB
“July 9, 2010”,Keith Jones (URS),Advance notice of more streetcars? What you should know about FTA’s Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on New Starts Transit Projects,HNTB
“August 13, 2010”,Tom Hartmann & Matt Sneed (KHA),Diamond Interchanges: Signing and Striping Practices in North Texas,HNTB
“September 16, 2010”,Michael Morris (NCTCOG),Regional Transportation Plans for the Super Bowl,Joint Meeting
,,,Ruthe Jackson Center
“October 8, 2010”,Yang Ouyang (NTTA),Measures to Address Wrong-Way Crashes on the Tollway,HNTB
“November 19, 2010″,”Dave Carter (Richardson), Robert Wunderlich (Garland), Deborah Humphreys (NCTCOG), Max Kalhammer (Dallas)”,”Regional Bike Planning in Dallas, Richardson, Garland, and Plano”,HNTB
“December 10, 2010”,Gary Moonshower (TxDOT),LBJ Express,HNTB
“January 14, 2011”,Scott Cooner (TTI),Cable median barrier research update and safety gains in Texas.,HNTB
“February 11, 2011”,Tom LeBeau (DCTA),A-Train Project Update.,HNTB
“March 1, 2011”,No Section Meeting,TexITE Winter District Meeting,Ft Worth
“April 8, 2011”,Tony Hartzel (TxDOT),Successful Media Relations,HNTB
“May 6, 2011”,Chad Edwards (NCTCOG),Mobility 2035 MTP Update,HNTB
“June 10, 2011”,Various Speakers,Joint Meeting with FTW Section,Ruthe Jackson Center
“July 8, 2011”,Kristi Avalos (Accessology),ADA / Public ROW Issues,HNTB
“August 12, 2011″,Curtis Jarecki (City of Dallas),”Traffic Signal Operations – Experiences, Ideas, and Dreams”,HNTB
“October 14, 2011″,”Ryan Bricker (HNTB), Patrick Owens (HNTB), Matt MacGregor (TxDOT)”,IH-35E Corridor Project Aesthetics,HNTB
“November 11, 2011″,”Jody Short (Lee Engineering), Minh Le (TTI)”,Evaluating Recurring and Non-Recurring Congestion,HNTB
“December 9, 2011”,Susan Langdon (Savant),ITE Traffic Engineering Council Activities Update,HNTB
“January 14, 2012″,”Barry Sladek, Valmont”,Traffic Signal Structures,HNTB
“February 10, 2012”,Robert Wunderlich (City of Garland),The Flexible Engineer,HNTB
“March, 2012”,-,-,-
“April 13, 2012″,”Michael Pacelli (City of Grapevine), Paul Luedtke (HDR Engineering), John Black (City of Richardson)”,DFW Experience with Rhythm Adaptive Signal Control,HNTB
“May 4, 2012”,Henry Wickes (TxDOT Traffic Operations Division),2011 MUTCD and Flashing Yellow Arrow,HNTB
“June 8, 2012”,Joint Meeting Mini-Conference,Multiple Presentations,Ruthe Jackson Center (Joint Meeting)
“July 1, 2012”,-,-,-
“August 1, 2012”,-,-,-
“September 14, 2012″,”Brian Moen, (City of Frisco), Dhruva Lahon (Kimley Horn)”,Analysis of Innovative Intersection Design Alternatives,HNTB
“October 1, 2012”,,,
“November 9, 2012”,Dr. Stefan Romanoschi (UT Arlington),Accelerated Pavement Testing,HNTB
“December 14, 2012”,Ruben Delgado (Collin County),Collin County Outer Loop Project Update,HNTB
“January 11, 2013”,Dave Carter (City of Richardson),Transit Oriented Development and Transportation Improvements in Richardson,HNTB
“February 1, 2013”,Nancy Cline (TxDOT Denton Area Office),Denton County Transportation Upodate,HNTB
“March 8, 2013”,Tom Grant (Kimley Horn),Airport Boulevard Corridor Redevelopment,HNTB
“April 1, 2013”,-,-,-
“May 17, 2013”,Kathy Kleinschmidt (TxDOT Dallas),Bicycle and Pedestrian best Practices,HNTB
“June 20, 2013″,”Koorosh Olyai (Stantec), Lloyd Neal (Plano), Andy Oberlander (TxDOT)”,Integrated Corridor Management (Joint Meeting),Ruthe Jackson Center (Joint Meeting)
“July 12, 2013”,Tom Hartmann (Kimley Horn),Harnessing Technology for Transportation,HNTB
“August 9, 2013”,Jim Cline (DCTA),Transportation / Civil Engineering In Afghanistan – Some Lessons Learned,HNTB
“September 1, 2013”,-,-,-
“October 11, 2013”,Lenny Winsel (Quadstone Paramics),Paramics – Saving you time and money (Webinar),HNTB
“November 8, 2013”,Gary Savanyu (Beta Inc.),Lessons Learned on Megaprojects,HNTB
“December 13, 2013”,David recht (City of Dallas),Modern Streetcars in Dallas,HNTB
“January 10, 2014”,Clarence Daugherty and Ed Penton (Jacobs),Klyde Warren Park,HNTB
“February 14, 2014”,Alonzo Linan (City of Fort Worth),Roundabouts in Fort Worth,HNTB
“March 14, 2014”,Bob Brown (Parsons Brinkerhoff),What’s Wrong with this Picture?,HNTB
“April 11, 2014”,Rick Berry (City of Plano),DFW Connector,HNTB
“May 9, 2014”,Golf Outing,No Presentation,Coppell
“June 13, 2014”,Katie Womack (TTI),Distracted Driving,HNTB
“July 17, 2014″,”Meg Moore (TxDOT), Tom Grant (KHA), Ronnie Bell (Austin), Michael Chacon (TxDOT), Janie Hollingsworth (CTC)”,MUTCD (Joint Meeting),Ruthe Jackson Center (Joint Meeting)
“August 8, 2014″,”Omar Venzor (Savant), Mark Kranz (Savant)”,Comparing U.S. and Texas Transportation with the Rest of the World,HNTB