Dallas Section Downloads

Below you will find links to various downloads related to the Section, including meeting PDH forms and presentations.

Section Bylaws & Charter

Greater Dallas Section Bylaws
Greater Dallas Section Charter
Younger Members Charter
Professional Development Charter

Meeting Receipt

Meeting – Payment Receipt (15k pdf)

Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report

PDH Sheets

Please download the PDH sheet for any meeting you attended for your records.

2016 meetings
October 2016 PDH Sheet (pdf)
August 2016 PDH Sheet (pdf)
July 2016 PDH Sheet (Joint Meeting) (pdf)
June 2016 PDH Sheet (pdf)
May 2016 PDH Sheet (pdf)
March 2016 PDH Sheet (pdf)
February 2016 PDH Sheet (pdf)
January 2016 PDH Sheet (pdf)

2015 meetings
October 2015 PDH Sheet (pdf)
August 2015 PDH Sheet (pdf)
July 2015 PDH Sheet (pdf)
June 2015 PDH Sheet (pdf)
Apil 2015 PDH Sheet (pdf)
February 2015 PDH Sheet (pdf)
January 2015 PDH Sheet (pdf)

2014 meetings 
December 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)
November 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)
October 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)
August 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)
July 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)
June 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)
Apil 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)
March 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)
February 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)
January 2014 PDH Sheet (pdf)

2013 meetings
December 2013 PDH Sheet (pdf)
November 2013 PDH Sheet (pdf)
October 2013 PDH Sheet (pdf)
August 2013 PDH Sheet (pdf)
July 2013 PDH Sheet (76k pdf)
June 2013 PDH Sheet (76k pdf)
May 2013 PDH Sheet (76k pdf)
March 2013 PDH Sheet (76k pdf)
February 2013 PDH Sheet (76k pdf)
January 2013 PDH Sheet (76k pdf)

Presentations and Other Downloads

2016 Dallas-Ft Worth Sections Joint Meeting Reference Materials – Meeting Program & PDH Page (pdf)

2014 Joint Meeting Reference Materials – Meeting Program & PDH Page (200k)

2012 Joint Meeting Mini Conference – Meeting Program & PDH Page(300k)