Officers of the Greater Dallas Section are elected annually in the fall to a 1 year term beginning in January.

2017 Officers are:

2017 Committee Chairs

  • Younger Members Chair: Chad Ostrander
  • Golf Tournament Chair: Chad Ostrander
  • Scholarship Selection Chair: Elizabeth Crowe
  • Professional Development Chair: Vacant

Past Section Officers

Term Served President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Section Representative
2016 Cameron Williams, Jignesh Thakkar, Josh Smith, John Denholm
2015 Gary Graham, Cameron Williams, Matt Sneed, John Denholm
2014 Boro Dedeitch, Gary Graham, Cameron Williams, John Denholm
2012 John Denholm, Robyn Root, Boro Dedeitch, Nanditha Togar
2011 Joel Fitts, John Denholm, Robyn Root, Brian Moen
2010 David Halloin, Joel Fitts, John Denholm, Brian Moen
2009 Nanditha Togar, David Halloin, Joel Fitts, Brian Moen
2008 Robert Saylor, Nanditha Togar, David Halloin, Brian Moen
2007 Kelly Parma, Robert Saylor, Nanditha Togar, Mark Titus
2006 Brian Moen, Kelly Parma, Robert Saylor, Mark Titus
2005 Kevin St. Jacques, Brian Moen, Kelly Parma, John Black
2004 Mark Titus, Kevin St. Jacques, Brian Moen, John Black
2002-20031 Bridgette Shamburger, Mark Titus, Kevin St. Jacques, Paul Luedtke
2001-2002 John Black, Bridgette Shamburger, Mark Titus, Paul Luedtke
2000-2001 Jody Short, John Black, Bridgette Shamburger, Dave Carter
1999-2000 Cissy Sylo, Jody Short, John Black, Dave Carter
1998-1999  Paul Luedtke, Cissy Sylo, Jody Short, Dave Carter
1997-1998 Dave Carter, Paul Luedtke, Cissy Sylo, Barbara Leftwich
1996-1997 Ed Seymour, Dave Carter, Paul Luedtke (Brian Jahn 2 )
1995-1996 James O’Conner, Ed Seymour, Dave Carter
1994-1995 Barbara Leftwich, James O’Conner, Ed Seymour
1993-1994 George Human, Barbara Leftwich, James O’Conner
1992-1993 K.R. Marshall, George Human, Barbara Leftwich (James O’Conner 3 )

1 In June 2002 the Greater Dallas Chapter became the Greater Dallas Section. These Officers served for 18 months and transitioned from the Dallas Chapter to the Dallas Section.
2 Sec/Tres for first part of term – Paul Luedtke elected subsequent to Brian’s resignation upon moving to Victoria TX
3 Appointed after K.R. Marshall Moved to Maryland and Resigned